Here are the key items which will dominate the SEO in future. Though Google keep progressing on improvising their search result algorithms, these factors still plays a significant Role in SEO


  1. Voice Search
  2. Artificial Intelligence Will Play a Larger Role in SEO
  3. AI on getting updates on what people search for
  4. Mobile-Friendliness Will Impact Search Rankings
  5. Mobile indexing
  6. Content that fulfils the Google EAT Principle Will Rank Higher
  7. Long-Form Content Will Help Improve SERPs
  8. Featured Snippets Will Become More Prominent
  9. Site speed
  10. An Effective SEO Strategy Will Need to Include Video
  11. Image Optimization Will Play a Larger Role in Search
  12. Local Search Listings Will Play a Larger Role in SEO Strategies
  13. Data & Analytics Should be given Priority to Remain Ahead in Rankings
  14. Semantically Related Keywords
  15. Predictive Search Is Set to Improve
  16. Understanding Search Engine algorithm
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